This is the web-site of Rainforth, music, voice, bleeps, shuffles and a founder of Maximum Joy.

“Janine Rainforth’s singing, probably my all-time favourite vocal take, seems to combine an ageless English folk sensibility with both a teenager’s innocence/insouciance and a smoked-out drowsy jazz maturity well beyond her years.” Kiran Sande (Blackest Ever Black ) Rewind Fwd

As Rainforth forges a new musical future, it’s important not to divorce it from her fearless and catalytic past...Releasing these long-gestated ideas into the public sphere, and especially returning to the stage after over two decades, took some guts. Leila Arab, Crack Magazine

Marrying digital technologies with found sounds and otherworldly vocals, she’s dabbling in ambient crescendos and synth-laden melodies to maximum effect. - M Magazine

Rainforth has just re-issued a track she made in 2011 - "Beast" - it's available on her Bandcamp page here:

Silent Street Records have released a compilation of Maximum Joy's singles - "I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights" - it sold out before release date and got great write-ups - 9/10 in Crack Magazine and Best Reissue in Pitchfork Silent Street Records Bandcamp page stream Silent Street here Janine Rainforth on the front of Maximum Joy's first release and on this reissue

Listen to Rainforth & outfit Maximum Joy performing "Why Can't We Live Together" live @ The Lexington here

Rainforth was invited with her old band Maximum Joy to play at Simple Things, Bristol October 2015 - Rainforth & Byron at Simple Things 2015she and other originators of Maximum Joy have since been hard at work in Rainforth's home studio & with Dave McEwen at his studio, and forging new collaborations with musicians; record labels and others - with new and old music to be released soon and gigs coming up later in 2016 /2017.

Tim Wilson reviews the gig in Ransom Note here - this was music as a vessel, for adventurous cross-pollination between funk melodicism, discotheque abandon, free jazz flights and evergreen lyrical consciousness; post-punk as an optimistic refutation of its eponymous origin

rainforth talks to Gilles Peterson about the Bristol music scene Rainforth was invited to speak to Gilles Peterson on his BBC6 Music radio programme "The History of Bristol's Musical Underground " as part of 6MusicFestival.

video 'Rumination of Us'

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