This is the web-site of Rainforth, then - original founder of Maximum Joy, now of new outfit MXMJoY.

"Janine Rainforth - the cult post-punk hero confronting sexual violence" Interview by Charlotte Richardson Andrews for the Guardian

“Janine Rainforth’s singing, probably my all-time favourite vocal take, seems to combine an ageless English folk sensibility with both a teenager’s innocence/insouciance and a smoked-out drowsy jazz maturity well beyond her years.” (Blackest Ever Black ) Rewind Fwd

"As Rainforth forges a new musical future, it’s important not to divorce it from her fearless and catalytic past...Releasing these long-gestated ideas into the public sphere, and especially returning to the stage after over two decades, took some guts. "Gawaint, Crack Magazine

"Marrying digital technologies with found sounds and otherworldly vocals, she’s dabbling in ambient crescendos and synth-laden melodies to maximum effect." - M Magazine

Rainforth has just re-issued a track she made in 2011 - "Beast" - it's available on her Bandcamp page here:

“It’s singer Janine Rainforth that best embodies Maximum Joy’s exuberance: Having co-founded the group when she was just 18 years old, she channeled her inspirations…..into her own shape-shifting style. …Listen closely, though, and you’ll hear another side of her: a soft soprano background coo, diffuse as a pastel-colored mist. ….her airy tone lends a uniquely spooky quality to the song, like a ghost haunting the dancehall. It’s a quality you won’t find in any of their contemporaries.” Philip Sherburne – Best Reissue Pitchfork Silent Street Records Bandcamp page stream Silent Street here Janine Rainforth on the front of Maximum Joy's first release and on this reissue

Rainforth was invited with her old band Maximum Joy to play at Simple Things, Bristol October 2015 - Rainforth & Byron at Simple Things 2015

Since then she has formed a new outfit called MXMJoY with another former member, Charlie Llewellin and other new players - they released their first album P.E.A.C.E. February 2019 and are performing live later in the year.

video 'Rumination of Us'

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